Itsukushima Shrine Itsukushima Shrine Itsukushima Shrine Itsukushima Shrine


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A rare scene that has no match anywhere in the world; a shrine which appears to be built on the sea. It is said that Taira no Kiyomori chanted a sutra here all night praying for the prosperity and rebirth in paradise of his clan. It was registered as a World Heritage in 1996.

  • Address

    1-1 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima

    Local map

  • Entry fee

    Adults ¥ 300
    High school students ¥ 200
    Junior high / Elementary school students ¥ 100

  • Opening Hours

    Opening Hours: 6:30-18:00 (17:00 in winter)
    *It may change according to the season

  • Closed


  • Website

  • Best Season

    Apr., Nov.

  • Point

    Cherry blossoms in early April and autumn leaves in late November are especially beautiful. You can also enjoy in the other seasons. You can walk to the Otorii (a large gateway) at low tide.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    4 minutes walk from "Miyajimaguchi Station" and take JR Miyajima Ferry or Miyajimamatsudai Ferry for 10 minutes

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