Mt. Norikura Mt. Norikura Mt. Norikura Mt. Norikura


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Mt. Norikura is the collective name for the mountains that rise in the southern part of the Hida Mountains (Northern Alps), including 3,026m-tall Kengamine, the main peak, which straddles between Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, and Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. You definitely will love the landscape decorated with the autumn leaves, as well as vast alpine meadows in Kuraigahara and Tatamidaira.

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    Gifu Prefecture Takayama-shi town, Dandong students Iwai Valley


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    “Norikura Skyline”, the road which leads to Tatamidaira, is closed during the winter (31st October - 15th May of the following year).

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    Jul., Aug., Sep.

  • Point

    Tatamidaira is the highest point of all the Japanese roads with the altitude of 2,800m above sea level. Spectacular panoramic view at the 3,000m altitude after a 90-minute trekking is just breathtaking! Access to Norikura Skyline by privately owned vehicles are prohibited. Make sure to take a bus or taxi.

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