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The heavily forrested Miyama Town is situated near the center of Kyoto Prefecture. The Miyama River, part of the Yura River system, passes through here, and its clear streams are famous for producing Ayu fish, or sweetfish. Another river, the Tanano River, which runs from north to south, passes through as well, and there are many thatched houses along the river. This region, without a doubt, is one of the regions still blessed with unspoilt, original landscapes of Japan.


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    Miyama-cho, Nantan, Kyoto


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    All year

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    Not only those 38 thatched houses, the area is packed with great attractions, including Ono Dam Lake, a.k.a. “Rainbow Lake”, and Ashiu no Mori, a forest filled with magical atmosphere. Miyama, where a wide variety of seasonal events are held, is suitable for those who just want to break free from hectic urban jungle to relax.

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