Kamunosato Rokutan
Kamunosato Rokutan
Kamunosato Rokutan
Kamunosato Rokutan Kamunosato Rokutan Kamunosato Rokutan

Apr. Noon

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“Kamu No Sato Rokutan”, which is called Shibazakura of Dreams (moss phlox, a kind of flower) is a 50,000 sq. meter hill with four shades of 800,000 Shibazakura (moss phlox) flowers. The name “Rokutan” comes from Rokutanda Farm, which owns and operates the flower field.

  • Address

    3-3 Kamizuta, Sera-cho, Sera, Hiroshima

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  • Entry fee

    Adult (including junior high school students) 800
    Children 350

  • Opening Hours

    Open for operation only between mid-April and early May each year. * may vary depending on the blooming of creeping phlox.
    Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

  • Closed

    Open throughout the operating season.

  • Website


  • Best Season

    Apr., May

  • Point

    The field of rape flowers which spreads to a 30,000 sq. m-site adjacent to the park is also worth your visit. Locally grown and harvested produce are sold at the facility throughout the operating season, and on Sundays and national holidays, there are pony ride for kids, and rice puff demonstration which you can purchase to try out this freshly puffed delicious snack.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    Drive 21km towards Kamitsuta from the Sera IC on the Onomichi Expressway, via National Route 432, and Prefectural Road 52.

    Approximately 25-minute drive southward on the Prefectural Route 45 from the “Miyoshi IC” on the Chugoku Expressway via National Route 375. (approximately 25 minutes)

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