Hoshitoge no Tanada (Rice Terrace) Hoshitoge no Tanada (Rice Terrace) Hoshitoge no Tanada (Rice Terrace) Hoshitoge no Tanada (Rice Terrace)

Jun. Morning

©AFLO, Hideki Nawate

Because of the beautiful rice terraces, Hoshitoge is considered one of Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Villages. The impressive rice fields are evocative of ancient Japan. And if you are lucky, you can see the Unkai (Sea of Clouds) early in the morning when the golden sunrise is reflected on the peaceful, fog-shrouded rice terraces. The beautiful sight attracts many photographers.

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    Toge, Tokamachi, Niigata


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    Year round.
    ※However, because of heavy snow it is not possible to access the area by car during winter.

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    All year

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    From the snow melt through June, and again from October to November, when the rice paddies are flooded with water they are known as Mizukagami (Water Mirror). The reflections on the water make for a stunning ZEKKEI view. The area is full of active farms and the rice fields are private property, so please be respectful when visiting.

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