Matsue, Yasugi, Tamatsukuri & Okuizumo

Matsue, Yasugi, Tamatsukuri & Okuizumo

Matsue area's symbol "Matsue Castle" is a castle built in Tonomachi, Matsue City during the Edo period. Matsue Castle is a national treasure, one of the 12 existing castle towers nationwide. In the Okuizumo, Yasugi, and Tamatsukuri areas, you can find the famous hot spring "Tamatsukuri Onsen", which has the oldest history in Japan, and the beautiful "Izumo Red Cliffs", which is a large cliff with a height of 132m and a width of 70m. These areas are dotted with tourist spots and, such as Yomega Island and Lake Shinji where you can worship the wonderful sunset.

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