Hamamatsu, Hamanako

Hamamatsu, Hamanako

Lake Hamana, famous for Hamamatsu, is a lake that straddles the cities of Hamamatsu and Kosai. Originally a freshwater lake bordered by sandbars, it became a brackish lake when the shoals collapsed in 1498 due to the Meiou earthquake and high tides. Since then, nutrients from seawater and freshwater have come to converge, and the lake is now home to about 400 species of fish and 59 species of crustaceans.
Also, the Kanzanji Hot Springs, located on a peninsula on the eastern shore of Lake Hamana, is famous throughout Japan as the best hot spring resort on Lake Hamana. In the summer you can enjoy swimming in the sea. There are various facilities and lodgings to choose from, and you can even taste freshly caught seafood from the lake.

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