The Minamiizu (South Izu) area has stunning coasts and capes. We recommend visiting Irozaki Cape Lighthouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a popular snorkeling spot in Togai Beach, or Ryugu Sea Cave, known for the large hole with a diameter of about 50 m in its roof and panoramic ocean view from the crater edge. There are sightseeing spots such as "Fuji Hakone Izu National Park" consisting of the Izu Peninsula and Izu seven islands such as Oshima and Miyake islands with active volcanoes, and "Minokake Island" with its strange rock panorama on the coast of Ose.
In Shimogamo Onsen, you can enjoy spectacular views of Kawazu cherry blossoms, and festivals held from mid-February to mid-March every year.
There are more than hundreds of wild monkeys living in Hagachizaki, making the area even more attractive.

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