Shobara, Miyoshi & Geihoku

Shobara, Miyoshi & Geihoku

In the Miyoshi area, there are famous places such as the Takataniyama Observatory overlooking the city and the Okawa River.
Mount Ashitakeyama (Ashitake) located in the eastern part of Shobara City is called the "Japan Pyramid" as it seems to have been artificially piled up from the middle to the vicinity of the mountaintop. It has been said by locals for a long time that it is the tomb of Emperor Jimmu.
In the Geihoku area, there are facilities where you can soak in the open-air bath while enjoying the view of the mountains, during winter you can go to Geihoku International Ski Resort, which has a variety of routes and is visited by many people throughout the year.

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