Hagi & Nagato

Hagi & Nagato

The "Higashiushirobata Rice Terraces" in Yuyaushirobata, Nagato City, has been selected as one of the 100 best rice terraces in Japan with its great scenery of the setting sun over the Sea of Japan and the countless shining fires of squid fishing boats.
Motonosumi Shrine impress with its sight of the torii gates lined up toward the Sea of Japan, there is a rare custom of throwing money overhead, it is said that if you put money in the Saisen box (donation to the gods), your wish will come true.
In addition, there are many attractive spots such as "Matsushitamura Juku", a private school that produced many Meiji Restoration supporters, "Hagi Castle Town", and "Senjojiki" a green hilltop with a popular campsite.

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