Kochi, Susaki, & Nankoku

Kochi, Susaki, & Nankoku

In Kochi City, there are many tourist spots, such as the birthplace and bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto (1836-1867), a warrior at the end of the Edo period (1853-1868), “Harimaya Bridge,” which is mentioned in the phrase of Yosakoi-Bushi (dance song), and “Katsurahama beach,” a famous place for viewing the moon. In Susaki City, there is the Mt. Banda-gamori, which attracts visitors in spring with its beautiful pink-colored cherry blossoms.
In the Nankoku area, one of the largest limestone caves in the area, “Ryugado cave.” It has recently become a not-to-be-missed spot for its worldview full use of lighting, music, and video.

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