Kofu, Yumura, & Shosenkyo

Kofu, Yumura, & Shosenkyo

Yumura Onsenkyo, opened 1200 years ago by Kobo Daishi (Buddhist monk, 774-835), where is about 15 minutes by bus from Kofu station, is a famous hot spring place to be loved by Takeda Shingen (Warlord, 1521-1573) and the literary greats of the Showa era (1929-1989).
In addition, the surrounding Shosenkyo gorge offers magnificent views, and the ropeway allows visitors to enjoy the view through nature in all seasons. At the far end of the Shosenkyo gorge is Sen-ga-Taki Falls, created by the crustal movement and fell down its water to grind the granite rock face. It makes a mysterious spot where you can feel nature's negative ions.

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