Otsuki & Tsuru

Otsuki & Tsuru

Mt. Kuki, located in Otsuki City, is 970 meters above sea level and is situated on the Mt. Akiyama ridge between the Katsura River and Akiyama River in the Sagami River system. From the top of the mountain, you can see Fujiyoshida City and Tsuru City's cityscape, and the majestic Mt. Fuji. The mountain is popular among beginners as it can be reached on foot from "Kasei" and "Tanokura" Stations on the Fujikyu Railway.
There are also many other must-see tourist spots for Japanese history buffs, such as Soryukyo Gorge with its strange rock formations like fish scales, the "ruins of "Katsuyama Castle," built on an independent hill about 30 meters high, and the "ruins of Iwadono Castle," one of the three best castles in the Kanto region (Tokyo area).

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