Isawa, Katsunuma, & Enzan

 Isawa, Katsunuma, & Enzan

Ichinose highland, located at the foot of Mt. Kasatori and an altitude of 1250 meters, is rich in clean air and spring water, nurtured by a mountain stream as it was in the past. The vast and blessed environment makes it popular as a camping ground, and many people come to enjoy the area for mountain climbing and hiking. In addition, Enzan Togenkyo is one of the leading peach and plum cultivators in the prefecture, and the peach blossoms that bloom along the mountain slopes create a beautiful landscape that looks like a carpet has been laid out.
At Keitokuin Temple, built by Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616) as a memorial to Takeda Katsuyori (1546-1582), you can enjoy a stroll while appreciating the cherry blossoms.

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