"Kumano Kodo," a World Heritage Site, is an indispensable tourist attraction in the Higashikishu area. The Kumano Kodo is a general term for the pilgrimage routes leading to the three Kumano mountains. It is a sacred pilgrimage route where prayers have been offered since ancient times by everyone from emperors to ordinary people and are one of Japan's most strong power spots.
This is a mysterious place with a unique atmosphere, where you can see nature, such as large trees and stone pavements from the Edo period (1603-1868) along the way.
The area also has beautiful natural scenery, such as "Onigajo," a hiking trail that connects the Matsumoto Pass and the Kumano Kodo with the ruins of a castle from the Warring States period (of Japanese history, approx. 1467-1568), "Shichirimihama beach," which faces the Kumano Sea from Kumano City to Kiho Town, and "Maruyama Senmaida," Japan's largest rice field with 1,340 sheets.

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