Yunohana, Tanba, & Miyama

Yunohana, Tanba, & Miyama

There are many tourist attractions such as the “Izumo Daijingu Shrine,” which is mentioned in the Tsurezuregusa (around 1330, one of three major essays in Japan), the “Kayabuki no Sato North Village,” where houses with thatched roofs are lined up and are rare in Kyoto Prefecture, the “Kuwayama Shrine,” famous for its autumn leaves, and the “Kototaki Waterfall,” which flows like the strings of a 13-stringed koto (Japanese harp).
In addition, there are also many other places to visit, such as “Yunohana Onsen (hot spring),” which many tourists visit to heal their skin, and “Shizu Cave Park,” where you can enjoy cave exploration and outdoor activities.

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