Amanohashidate, Miyazu, & Maizuru

Amanohashidate, Miyazu, & Maizuru

Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, is located in the Miyazu area and is dotted with famous places such as “Amanohashidate Viewland,” “Amanohashidate Park,” and “Kasamatsu Park. “
The area is also home to the "Iwaana" (rock cave), which is known for the legend of Minamoto no Yorimitsu's extermination of demons, and the "Sesshoukan Observatory," which offers a panoramic view of the Amanohashidate area.
The Maizuru area is full of attractions, including the “Maizuru Red Brick Park,” where you can stroll through the streets of the Meiji era (1868 – 1912) and the spectacular view from the observatory atop Mt.Gorogatake.

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