Tango & Kumihama

Tango  & Kumihama

The Tango Peninsula has beautiful seas and charming hot spring hotels and is blessed with abundant local specialties such as Matsuba crab and Tanba beef.
The area includes "Yuhigaura Beach" with its beautiful sunsets from spring to summer, "Kotohiki Beach" where you can hear the sound like a koto (Japanese harp) being played when you walk on the beach, "Tateiwa," a huge columnar basalt rock with a legend of Prince Maroko's extermination of demons, "Cape Kyoga Lighthouse," one of the three largest lighthouses in Japan and the northernmost point of the Tango Peninsula, "Higashiyama Park," famous for azaleas, and "Byobu Iwa," a rock towering in the angry waves of the Sea of Japan. There are many nature-filled spots to see.

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