Awaji Island

Awaji Island

"Awaji Island," located in the Seto Inland Sea in southern Hyogo Prefecture, is an attractive island full of flowers and ocean scenery and is considered the largest island in the Seto Inland Sea. The island is connected to the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway and is famous for its easy access by car or highway bus.
On Awaji Island, you can visit various spots such as "Ejima," one of the traditional sites of Onokorojima where is the first island created in Japanese mythology, "Nadakuroiwa Suisenkyo" and "Tachikawa Suisenkyo", famous for daffodils; "Sumoto Castle," where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Kitan Strait. "Nushima," a power spot for romance, and "Onokorojima Shrine," where two people hold a red and white rope, the relationship between them is considered to be deeper. You can also enjoy fresh seafood such as rice crackers and hamburgers made with octopus, the island's specialty.

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