Nagano City, Togakushi, & Obuse

Nagano City, Togakushi, & Obuse

The "Kawanakajima Kosenjyo (Ancient Battlefield)," where Uesugi Kenshin (a feudal lord) and Takeda Shingen (a feudal lord) fought each other, now has a 12,000 square meter lawn area with an artificial hill, a stream with natural stones, and an Azumaya (shed) with a characteristic old-fashioned thatched roof, making it a place for sightseeing and relaxation for the citizens. There is also a wide range of sightseeing spots, from activity experiences to places where you can learn about histories, such as “Iizuna Highland,“ which is a ski resort in winter, and traditional temples such as “Zenkoji Temple's main hall,” which has a unique structure, and “Togakushi Shrine's inner shrine,“ which is built right under a cliff hundreds of meters high.

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