Ueda, Bessho, & Kakeyu

Ueda, Bessho, & Kakeyu

"Ueda Castle," the symbol of the Ueda area, was built by Sanada Masayuki in 1583 and is located in the center of the Ueda Basin. Surrounded by a moat and earthen mounds, it is a simple castle with a stone wall at the entrance, but in Ueda's first (1585) and second battles (1600), it defeated a large Tokugawa army left its name in all of Japan. Around the castle, there is the Ueda Castle Ruins Park, a park rich in nature surrounded by about 1,000 cherry trees, including a row of zelkova trees said to be 100 years old.
In the Bessho area, Bessho Onsen, the oldest hot spring in Shinshu (Nagano area), has its natural hot springs and historical buildings, including national treasures and important cultural assets.

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