Niigata, Tsukioka, & Agano River

Niigata, Tsukioka, & Agano River

The Yorozuyobashi Bridge was the first bridge to be built over the Shinano River in Niigata City and is designated as an important cultural property. Named in the hope that it will serve the development of Niigata city for a long time, it has become a symbol of pride for the citizens of Niigata city, coming through the Niigata Earthquake. The Shinano River Yasuragi Bank around the bridge is filled with cherry blossoms and tulips. During the full-bloom season, lanterns are lit, and the cherry blossoms stand out against the beautiful night view of the Shinano River.
In the Tsukioka area, the "Tsukioka Onsen," famous hot spring, where you can expect to get beautiful skin, and in Aga Town, you can enjoy the Agano River Line Boat Ride.

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