Minami Uonuma, Tokamachi, & Tsunan (Muikamachi)

Minami Uonuma, Tokamachi, & Tsunan (Muikamachi)

"Tashiro no Nanatsugama," seven waterfall basins scattered along the Kama River stream flowing from the Naeba Mountain Range, is a famous scenic spot designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument. The waterfalls can be overlooked from the walking path to Bentendo (pagoda and temple) and the observatory and are recommended for strolling.
In the Tsunan (Muikamachi) area, Akiyamago (Akiyama village) is known as a modern unexplored region, and one of the attractions is the watercolor painting-like scenery of Jabuchi no Taki Falls flowing through the vivid autumn leaves.

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