In the Wakasa area, there are famous tourist attractions such as the” Uriwari no Taki Falls,” where cold water flows all year round, “Tsuruga Akarenga Souko (Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse),” designed by a foreign engineer in 1905,” Kumagawa-juku,” with its old streets and many old documents and legends, and the” Kihi Jingu Shrine,” one of the three most enormous wooden torii gates in Japan, along with Itsukushima Shrine and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.
The area is also home to several beaches, crowded with families and young people in the summer, and many hot spring facilities such as Mikata Onsen and Tsuruga Tunnel Onsen, which attract tourists to cure themselves.
Fudo no Taki Falls is another famous spot in the area, and there is a walking trail around the place where you can enjoy a leisurely hike.

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