Amagasaki, Takarazuka, Sanda, & Sasayama

Amagasaki, Takarazuka, Sanda, & Sasayama

The Amagasaki, Takarazuka, Sanda, and Sasayama areas are tourist attractions boasting beautiful scenery with a lot of unspoiled nature.
Amagasaki “Hotalu no Sato (Firefly Village),” which has revived the fireflies that used to live in the area until the late 1950s, and the “Nikawa Valley,” where hiking and shower climbing are very famous, are also popular leisure spots.
Other important cultural assets can be seen at “Nakayamadera Temple,” known as the Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) of childbirth, and at “Sumiyoshi Shrine,” dedicated to Sokotsutsunoo no Mikoto

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