Kusatsu, Moriyama, & Omihachiman

Kusatsu, Moriyama, & Omihachiman

There are many tourist attractions in the Omi Hachiman area, such as the ruins of “Azuchi Castle,” where Oda Nobunaga built his castle and residence, and the “Kusatsujuku Honjin,” one of the largest existing buildings in Kusatsujuku, Shiga Prefecture.
In the Moriyama area, there is the” Moriyama Ashikarien,” where more than 10,000 hydrangeas are in full bloom, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japanese and Western hydrangeas. Also, the “Ashiura Kannonji Temple,” which is said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku, and the Chikamatsu family residence associated with Chikamatsu Kanroku, one of the Ako samurai. It is an excellent area for historical exploration.

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