Around Kosai

 Around Kosai

It is the westernmost city in Shizuoka Prefecture and is known for its history, fishing, auto industry, and agriculture.
The area features many natural and mystical spots, including "Shirahige Shrine," with its mysterious Otorii gate towering over the lake, the "Metasequoia Namiki Avenue," a driving road lined with trees, the "Fusha Kaido" (Windmill Road), where you can enjoy the tranquil scenery of rice fields and the "Biwako Hakodatezan Yurien "(Lake Biwa Mt. Hakodate Lily Garden), a leisurely aerial stroll in the lily garden, and the "Ukawa 48 Sekibtsugun" (Ukawa 48 stone Buddha statues), 33 stone statues in the mountains.
The area is also accessible from Kyoto City by a single train, making it a good place for couples and people with children.

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