Look them best in rain! The best spots of hydrangea in rainy season-Western Japan-

Look them best in rain! The best spots of hydrangea in rainy season-Western Japan-
June is the rainy season in Japan. You may feel blue in the continuous rain.
You may not want to go out in the rain. However, do you know there is something special to see in the rainy season?
The best to appreciate the beauty of hydrangea is in the rain!
Thus the best moment to enjoy a superb view (ZEKKEI) of hydrangea is now.

This article features the best spots of hydrangea in western Japan. (From here, you can see the best spots in eastern Japan.)

1. The Otoyo Shrine/ Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosopher's Walk) (Kyoto Prefecture)

The Otoyo Shrine is full of green at moment. And hydrangeas bloom along each side of the approach.
They show their beauty among flowers blooming by the cobblestone lane leading to Tetsugaku no Michi. We can also enjoy green maples here at the same time. The best season is from middle of June to middle of July. Guardian dogs are common objects in shrines. But this shrine is famous for guardian mice. Please check them when you visit there for hydrangea.

2. Meganebashi (Nagasaki Prefucture)

Since the bridge and a reflection of the arches on the river create an image of glasses, the bridge is called Meganebashi. We cannot take our eyes off beautiful hydrangeas on the river bank.
It is said that someone finds a heart shape stone called Heart Stone in stonewalls near the bridge will be lucky in love. Why not try to find your new love when you visit here for hydrangea?

3. The Mimurotoji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)

Mimurotoji Temple Kyoto hydrangeas
You can enjoy rhododendron and cherry blossoms in spring as well autumn leaves in autumn here. However, hydrangeas here are stunning.
Mimurotoji Temple Kyoto hydrangeas
You can also have a chance to see the very rare species, hydrangea macrophylla forma prolifera. In the weekend of end of June, hydrangeas are illuminated at 7pm in this temple. Please enjoy the superb view both in day and night time.

These are ZEKKEI Japan’s recommended hydrangea spots in western Japan. Every hydrangea looks different depending on background. To forget gloomy weather, why don't you visit all the spots in this rainy season?

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