Top 5 Aquariums for Family Travel

Top 5 Aquariums for Family Travel
A relaxing space spreading out in the cool museum. The best thing about the aquarium is that you can enjoy all day long watching the fish swimming leisurely and watching the dolphins and penguins show.
This time, we would like to introduce you to the best aquariums all over the country for a family vacation!


Kamo Aquarium(Yamagata)

Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium

|The world's largest number of jellyfish species on display!

Renovated in 2014, the aquarium boasts the world's largest number of jellyfish on display.
In a special exhibition room "Kranetarium," visitors can observe 50 species of jellyfish floating colorfully in the dimly lit corridors.

One of the most noteworthy features is the "Jellyfish Dream Theater," a circular aquarium with a diameter of 5 meters. This sight illuminated by blue lights is sure to be mesmerizing.
  •  Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium
  •  Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium
In addition to jellyfish exhibits, the museum offers a wealth of interesting and educational content for the whole family, such as jellyfish feeding explanations and observations of the jellyfish's growth process.

Also, when you visit Yamagata, you can collect stamps for "Yamagata Biyori PASSPORT" and get gorgeous prizes and special services. Kamo Aquarium is also participating in this stamp rally.
【Address】657-1 Okubo, Imaizumi, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
【Fees】Adults: 1,000 yen, Children: 500 yen
【Open Hours】
9:00 - 17:00(Last entry 1 hour before closing)
【Holidays】Open all year round
【WEB site】
【Access】From JR Tsuruoka Station, take the bus bound for Yunohama Onsen for about
30 minutes and get off at Kamo Aquarium.


Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa(Tokyo)

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

|Amazing dolphin performance. The latest technology at the aquarium in the heart of the capital!

The main attraction of Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is the dolphin show.
The circular stadium-shaped pool allows visitors to enjoy powerful dolphin performances from anywhere on the bench. The collaboration of the latest technology with sound and light and the advanced techniques of the dolphins is a must-see!
Another feature of the aquarium is that it also has the atmosphere of an amusement park. In the attraction area, there is a thrilling pirate ship "Port of Pirates" and a merry-go-round "Dolphin Party" where children can ride on a pirate ship with their sea friends, which is sure to delight children.

In addition, the aquarium is right in front of the station, making it easy even on rainy days. The compact aquarium offers an efficient way to enjoy the aquarium in between sightseeing tours.
【Address】4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (inside Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
【Fees】Adult:2,300; Children:1,200; Infant (4 years old or older):700
●Open Hours(Aquarium)
10:00 ~ 19:30 (Last admission is 19:00)
* On June 28th, 12:00 - 19: 30 (Last entry is 19:00)
10:00 ~ 19:00
* On June 28th, 12:00 - 19: 00
●Coral Cafe Bar
10:00 ~ 19:00
* On June 28th, 12:00 - 19: 00
●The StadiumStore
10:00 ~ 19:00
* On June 28th, 12:00 - 19: 00
●Aqua Shop Luce
10:00 ~ 19:30
* On June 28th, 12:00 - 19: 30 【Holidays】Open all year round
【WEB site】
【Access】a 2-minute walk from Shinagawa Station (Takanawa Exit) on the Shinkansen, JR,
and Keikyu lines


Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN(Osaka)

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

|Whale sharks are a sight to behold! The giant aquarium recreating the Pacific Ocean

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN once ranked first in Japan as the most popular aquarium among foreign tourists, surpassing Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.
The aquarium is organized in order to allow visitors to enjoy the other tanks while walking down the gentle pathway around the large tank with whale sharks.
  • Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN
  • Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN
The underwater scenery of the fishes seen from various angles in the large tank is very impressive! At the "touch pool" where you can touch stingrays and sharks, you can experience the mysterious feeling of living creatures that we don't often see, which will be a valuable experience for children.

The port around Kaiyukan is also an excellent place for shopping and riding the Giant Ferris Wheel. You can also enjoy Osaka's gourmet food, Osaka Castle, Expo Park, and other landmarks! Check out the Osaka Amazing Pass !


Oita Marine Palace Aquarium "Umitamago"(Oita)

Oita Marine Palace Aquarium

|Making friends with marine animals! Aquarium where you can even watch the show "practice"!

This popular, long-established aquarium ranks at the top of the "Best Aquariums to Visit" list every year. The aquarium is notable for its close contact with the animals.
The "Umitama Performance" is especially popular here, visitors can enjoy a show featuring walruses, pelicans, Spotted seals, and other talented marine animals right in front of them, separated by a single rope.
  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium
  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium
What's more, you can't miss the "practice scene" after the dolphin show is over. The sight of the dolphins listening to the trainer's instructions and working hard to improve their performance will make you want to cheer them on as a family.

Also, "Umitamago" is very close to "Beppu Onsen" and "Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour)". A trip to the hot springs and aquarium is sure to be a memorable trip for your children as well!
【Address】Oitashi Kanzaki Uto 3078 - 22
【Fees】Adults: 2,200 yen; children: 1,100 yen; infants (4 years old and over): 700 yen
【Open Hours】
【Regular business hours】9:00 - 17:00
【Golden Week, Summer vacation, etc.】9:00 - 18:00 
【Closed day】January 17th - 19th, 2023
* Subject to change depending on circumstances
【Holidays】Irregular holidays (about 3 days a year)
【WEB site】
【Access】From Beppu Station, take the Oita Bus bound for Oita Station for about 15 minutes
and get off at 'Takasakiyama Shizen Dobutsuen Mae' Bus stop.


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Okinawa)

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Okinawa prefecture)
▲The Kuroshio Sea gigantic tank

|Breathtaking deep blue panorama "Kuroshio Sea"!
Aquarium surrounded by turquoise sea

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium boasts overwhelming popularity both in Japan and overseas.
The main attraction is the "Kuroshio Sea," the world's second-largest tank, measuring 8.2 meters high and 22.5 meters wide. Adults and children alike are riveted by the sight of whale sharks swimming so close they can almost reach them.
  • Churaumi fish
  • Churaumi turtle
There is also another tank called the "Coral Sea" that recreates the sea of Motobu Town, where the aquarium is located, and the "Deep Sea" where visitors can see rare creatures of the deeper ocean.

Plus, just a 5-minute walk away from the aquarium, and you can enjoy free facilities, where you can meet lovable manatees in the Manatee Pavilion, and sea turtles in the Sea Turtle Pavilion.
Here you can spend all day and still not have enough time to see every corner!

We recommend taking plenty of time to enjoy both: the aquarium and Kaiyohaku Park (free of charge). A trip to Okinawa with the whole family and a holiday spent surrounded by the blue ocean will be your special memory.
Did you find the aquarium you are interested in?
There are so many different aquariums, each with its own merits. Why not take your children or the whole family to an aquarium this summer?

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