The rainy season is what makes it so beautiful! Eastern Japan features

The rainy season is what makes it so beautiful! Eastern Japan features
hydrangea glistening in the falling rain. When one thinks of June in Japan, "the rainy season" is primarily what comes to mind. The gentle pitter-patter of the ceaseless rain as heavy clouds encompass the picturesque scenery.

But arbitrarily deciding that this season isn't fit for sightseeing is a bit presumptuous. It's only during this time that you can see the beauty of hydrangea in the rain. This is when the hydrangea are featured in various places, blooming in all their glory.

This article will feature Eastern Japan, while this article will be for Western Japan.

1. Hakusan Shrine (Tokyo)

Roughly 3000 hydrangea bushes can be found at Hakusan Shrine. The shrine is where you'll witness the "Bunkyo Ajisai Festival" during the first weeks of June.
This year's festival will be held until the 14th. There isn't much time left, but for those wanting to participate why don't you hurry and head over? Hakusan Shrine has a wide variety of hydrangea.
The rain, the shrine, and the flowers create a charming scene. While the festival is running there are events held during the weekend so it's perfect for couples and families.

2. Hasedera (Kanagawa)

Hasedera's special feature is that the hydrangea and Japanese iris bloom at the same time.
It's located in the major tourist hot spot Kamakura, so during this season it can be a little crowded. The temple is adorned with lightly colored flowers, which with the rain create a somewhat solemn mood that hangs in the air. The surrounding tourist spots are easily accessible from Hasedera, which gives it a certain charm. This year the best time to see the flowers should be from Mid-June to the end of the month.

3. Hakone Tozan Railway (Kanagawa)

This railway allows you to view the blossoming hydrangea from the windows of the old-fashioned passenger car.
You could use your umbrella and admire the flowers at your leisure, but some might not enjoy getting their feet wet.
Even on the rainiest of days you can forget the stress of getting drenched and enjoy seeing the raindrops on the petals from the comfort of the train. The best time for flowering viewing here is also from Mid-June to the end of the month.

As listed above, ZEKKEI Japan recommends these 3 "hydrangea spots" for Eastern Japan and that right now - June - is the best season. There are lots of clouds and a lot of rain, but for that reason won't you grab an umbrella and go out to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the rainy season.

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