Do winter and summer fireworks look different? 5 fireworks shows held in winter

Do winter and summer fireworks look different? 5 fireworks shows held in winter
Fireworks displays are one of the most popular summer events in Japan, but did you know that fireworks displays are also held throughout Japan in winter? It is said that fireworks displayed in the cold, stifling air are more beautiful than those in summer.

Why do winter fireworks look so beautiful?

The reason fireworks seem clearer in the winter is due to the temperature and the atmosphere. The warm air in summer tends to refract light, making distant scenery difficult to see and making it look distorted.
In addition, during spring and summer, yellow sand and other dust particles are carried from the continent, and the air is full of dust and dirt. However, in winter, when the prevailing westerly winds are stronger, dust and dirt are blown away, making the air clearer than in summer. For this reason, fireworks in winter are perceived to be brighter.

Although it is not as easy to go out as in summer due to the cold weather, it is wonderful to watch fireworks open in the night sky with a warm drink in hand. In this article, we would like to introduce 5 of the many winter fireworks shows that we recommend.

1. Atami Fireworks Festival(Shizuoka)

Atami Fireworks Festival
  • Atami Fireworks Festival
  • Atami Fireworks Festival

|Sound that attracts many pyrotechnicians! A famous fireworks display in a popular hot spring resort.

Atami is a resort close to the city center where visitors can enjoy hot springs and seafood. Fireworks displays are held more than 10 times throughout the year and have become a specialty of Atami. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Atami is like a natural stadium, and the terrain is most suitable for fireworks, which even fireworks companies take notice of.
And although it's inevitable that there will be a battle to win, staying at a hotel with a view of the fireworks and watching them from the comfortable warm room is also a great idea!
【Date & Time】2022 September 19 (Mon, holiday) and November 5 (Sat) 20:20~20:40
【Location】Around Atami Water Park, Nagisa-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
【WEB site】
【Access】20 min. walk from JR Atami Station

2. Beppu Christmas Fireworks Fantasia(Oita)

Beppu Christmas Fireworks Fantasia
  • Beppu Christmas Fireworks Fantasia
  • Beppu Christmas Fireworks Fantasia

|Gazing from the open-air bath? Giant artwork decorating the Christmas night sky!

"Beppu Christmas Hanabi Fantasia" will color the night sky of Beppu City during Christmas. For two days, 10,000 fireworks (over two days), produced by pyrotechnicians from Kyushu, will be shot into the winter night sky, harmonizing with music and creating a colorful atmosphere. Christmas songs sung by children echo through the air, creating a magical atmosphere!
The venue is also lined with various local and Asian food stalls, making this a very popular local Christmas event that satisfies not only the eyes and ears, but also the belly.

The fireworks can be seen from the open-air hot spring bath "Kitahama Hot Spring (Termas)" adjacent to the venue. Crowds are inevitable, but if you are lucky, you may be able to enjoy the fireworks while taking a bath in the hot spring.
【Date & Time】Usually on weekends around Christmas time 20:00~
【Location】Spa Beach, Kitamatogahama-cho, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture
【Access】10 minutes walk from JR Beppu Station

3. ISOGAI Theatrical Fireworks in Nagoya(Aichi)

ISOGAI Theatrical Fireworks in Nagoya
  • ISOGAI Theatrical Fireworks in Nagoya
  • ISOGAI Theatrical Fireworks in Nagoya

|Firework for your Christmas Eve

The beautiful night view of the Port of Nagoya and fireworks shooting up from the sea. So romantic for a Christmas Eve (December 24, 2022)!
Dramatic Hanabi (synchronized fireworks with music + entertainment using various narratives and sound effects) created by one of the best fireworks artists in Japan, ISOGAI Theatrical Fireworks, will set the mood for Christmas Eve!
Why don't you and your loved ones enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime performance that can only be seen by those who visit on that day?
【Date & Time】December 24, 2022 18:30~
【Location】1-1 Minato-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
【WEB site】
【Access】5 minutes on foot from Nagoya Municipal Subway Meiko Line Nagoyako Station toward the Port Building

4. Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival - Mountain Burning(Nara)

Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival - Mountain Burning
  • Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival - Mountain Burning
  • Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival - Mountain Burning

|A traditional event that heralds the beginning of spring, a grand fire and beautiful fireworks display!

Wakakusa Yamayaki (burning young grass on the mountain) is a traditional event that heralds the early spring in the ancient capital of Nara. Those who see the pictures for the first time may be surprised. On the last Saturday in January, about 300 members of the Nara City Fire Brigade light the 3,800-meter-long grassy area around the mountain at once.

Another highlight of the festival is the spectacular fireworks display by local pyrotechnicians, which is set off about 15 minutes before ignition. The beautiful fireworks and the flames of the burning embers that scorch the icy night sky are a beautiful sight, you can feel the long-standing tradition of this festival, which is more than just a firework display.

Dont miss the chance to experience this Japanese tradition of mountain burning, a spectacular way to celebrate the new year in the ancient capital of Japan!
【Date & Time】 fourth Saturday in January 18:15~
【Location】30 Noborioji-cho, Nara City
【WEB site】
【Access】30 min. walk from Kintetsu Nara Station on the Kintetsu Line, approx. 38 min. walk from JR Nara Station

5. Hakodate Firework(Hokkaido)

 Hakodate Firework(Hokkaido)
  •  Hakodate Firework(Hokkaido)
  •  Hakodate Firework(Hokkaido)

|2,000 fireworks to light up the glittering city and the night sky!

The Hakodate Marine Winter Fireworks Festival started in 2014. During the festival period, approximately 2,000 fireworks are shot off every night. During the winter season, the city of Hakodate shines even more brightly with the white snow and illuminated lights. The winter fireworks display will surely be a memorable experience on a chilly night.

Food booths will be set up in the main viewing area. It would be wonderful to watch the fireworks while enjoying Hakodate's gourmet food there or to look down on the fireworks from Mt. Hakodate, famous for its million-dollar night view.
【Date & Time】February (about 20 minutes)
【Location】5-44 Otemachi, Hakodate City, Hokkaido Hakodate Bay Off Toyokawa Wharf
【WEB site】
【Access】8 min. walk from JR Hakodate Station
Fireworks at resorts, Christmas fireworks, traditional Japanese fireworks, fireworks in northern Japan...we have introduced five winter fireworks displays that offer a wide variety. We hope you will find this information helpful to make your holiday plan.

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