Chozuya with floating flowers of a temple in Kyoto is too beautiful.

Chozuya with floating flowers of a temple in Kyoto is too beautiful.
Chozuya is a facility for ritual cleansing of visitors' body by washing hands and rinsing a mouth when visiting shrines in Japan. Recently, "Hana Chozu", which is the chozuya with floating flowers, becomes popular as it is good for Instagram.
Youkokuji temple is where you can see different Hana Chozu by seasons.
There are seven Hana Chozu in total in Youkokuji temple, and these are made up cute and stylish like flower arrangement. I will introduce some of them.

Chozuya of chrysanthemums

There are chrysanthemums in various colors floating in Chozuya, which is on the left side right after entering the gate.
This was taken in the autumn leaves seasons of November.

Chozu bachi of Japanese maples

Chozu bachi with the gradation of Japanese maples was seen in the same season. In the water, colors change from green, yellow, orange and to red as if the autumn is packed in there as pocket size.

Chozuya of hydrangeas

Youkokuji temple is also known for hydrangeas. In June, chozuya becomes very cute appearance, colored in white, blue and red by hydrangeas. Chozu bachi is also colored by hydrangeas in the same season.
Hana chozu will be decorated only when there are many visitors, such when the new year, the season of hydrangeas, the October when blooming cosmoses, and the season of autumn leaves. It is also said that it often becomes Hana chozu on the 17th day of every month, a festival day. Please check on the Twitter of Youkokuji temple so that you can hopefully visit on the day when there is Hana Chozu.
【Address】Address Donotani-2 Jododani, Nagaokakyo city
【Business hours】7AM to 5PM
【ACCESS】About 20 minutes by car from JR "Nagaokakyo" station. About 10 minutes by car from Nagaokakyo Interchange of Kyoutojuukan Expressway

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