[wallpapers] wallpapers of fluffy pastel colored flowers

[wallpapers] wallpapers of fluffy pastel colored flowers
When passing over the midwinter season, soon to be spring!
The theme of wallpapers this time is flowers. It is a collaboration project withYuri,a photographer, who takes photos in fluffy pastel tones. Why don't you spend your time while looking forward to the coming season by setting your wallpaper of fairy-tale-like flower fields?

* Usage of pictures are limited only to personal use as a wallpaper of the personal computer or of the smartphone. Redistribution and/or sales of the pictures are prohibited.

For PC / tablet *Free size

Cosmoses in the Expo Commemoration ParkOsaka

Cherry blossoms of the Tokyo SkytreeTokyo

Ichigo daifuku sakura mochi of the Kawazu cherry blossoms festivalShizuoka

The Osaka Maishima lily gardenOsaka

The Kurokawa dahlia gardenHyogo

Water hyacinths in the Ruins of Motoyakushiji TempleNara

For SmartPhone*Free size


She is good at shooting the sense of fluffy pastel tones, and goes shooting around colorful landscapes and fashionable cafes not only in Japan also overseas.
She works as a photographer/ writer for travel media, a provider of photos to books, and shooting portrait photography, and shooting product photography for PR, while posting about travels and cameras on SNS and the blog.
Web : https://yyuurrii.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/camel8326/

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