4 scenic spots where you can enjoy Japan's early summer to the fullest with fireflies with pale light!

4 scenic spots where you can enjoy Japan's early summer to the fullest with fireflies with pale light!
The firefly is the early summer tradition in Japan.
It is said that the firefly has only one week to appear to announce the arrival of the summer with pale light after its emergence.

As fireflies can survive only in natural environments with clean water, they are hardly seen nowadays in cities. But there are several spots where fireflies that remind you of good old Japanese summer can be found. This time we will tell you about scenic spots with fireflies.

1.Nasu Fish Land (Tochigi Prefecture)

The warm and fuzzy light of the firefly wandering in the dark.
You can't help but stare at such a fantastic figure.

The best time to watch fireflies in Nasu Fish Land is from early July to late August. As travels plans to coincide the firefly period are offered, why don't you enjoy the fantastic world while on a trip?

2.Hotaru Doyo Park (Nagano Prefecture)

Here in Hotaru Doyo Park visitors can watch mainly Genji fireflies.
In this spot, which holds the Firefly Festival in mid-June, more than 100,000 fireflies can be seen at one time.
The town makes efforts to protect fireflies, and it's a place where the summer tradition weaves history with future.

3.Tenno Hachiman Shrine (Okayama Prefecture)

Hime fireflies, commonly known as Gold fireflies, appear in Tenno Hachiman Shrine.
Depending on the year, but the best time to watch fireflies is during 10 days around July 10.
It looks like a painting!

4.Amanogawa River (Shiga Prefecture)

The Amanogawa Firefly Festival is held at Amanogawa River.
The golden light of the firefly dances in the night.

The best time to watch fireflies in mid-June. Unfortunately, it's a bit too late this year, but please refer to it if you want to plan ahead for next year.

Fireflies fly to let us know the summer is around the corner. The Japanese used to be captivated by fireflies flying over the riverbank, but nowadays we have much fewer opportunities to find them.
In order to protect landscapes with fireflies, which are becoming fewer, please mind your manners while watching them.
Depending on the type of fireflies, but the best time to watch them is late as you go from south to north, so please enjoy the summer tradition by choosing the right place at the right time.

Incidentally, the best hour to watch fireflies is between 19:30 to 21:00.
Why don't you feel the nostalgia and the warmth of the light of fireflies lighting around you while watching them in a fresh and fantastic air?

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