Brightly colored and beautiful goldfises of glass works

Brightly colored and beautiful goldfises of glass works
Mr.Hideki Hosaka, whom I introduce you to this time, who is active appearing on some television programs with being appraised for the beauty of and the high level of completion of works, is an artist of glassworks.
He creates various works such of animals and plants by glassworks. Among his works, I was particularly attracted to brightly colored and beautiful goldfishes of glassworks.

Mr. Hosaka told about his glassworks to me this time.

It just happened that he started the glasswork.

Tell me what inspired you to start the glasswork, please.
A teacher of chemistry held an event that we created and sold the glasswork at the school festival when I was in a high school, and I participated to the event. And it made me start the glasswork.
Have you been creating the glasswork, which Mr. Hosaka creates, in a creating style as of today's, since you started the glasswork?
I have been creating the works of animals, plants and dinosaurs since I started. I have established the creating style of today's by self-learning all the time since then.
About the goldfishes of glasswork, as I had a request from a student of the class, which I hold, I tried creating, and I could create good, so I am creating often since then.
Is there any artist or work, from which you receive influences for your glasswork?
Because I came to know the glassworks of other artists relatively recently, if anything, I have received more influence from the works of model sculptors of some character figures than from artists of glasswork.
It is very unexpected that it was the event planned by a teacher of chemistry at a high school festival that inspired him to start the glasswork, and interesting, isn't it?
It is very surprising that he mastered the technique of glasswork by self-learning, and that he can now create such great works as a result.

As there are many other great works other than the goldfish of glasswork that I have introduced this time, please try checking the Facebook and Twitter of Mr. Hosaka if you are interested.

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