Buildings of the downtown, reminiscences of Showa period

Buildings of the downtown, reminiscences of Showa period
I often see buildings of retro atmosphere with reminiscences of Showa period, when walking around the downtown.
Seeing the retro buildings that bring somehow nostalgia, I feel mystic charm that attracts generations also who do not know about Showa.
I asked Mr. kawa1168, who keeps shooting photos of retro buildings in the downtown, about his photos this time.

Thought that I liked to store by any mean the postures of "Showa" that still remains in the downtown.

Please tell me what made you think of shooting the photos of "buildings of the downtown".
I was born in and grown up in the downtown. Feeling nostalgic to the hometown and loneliness to changing landscapes of the downtown day by day, I thought of storing by any mean the postures of "Showa" that still remains in the downtown. This is what made me start shooting the photos.
It is fun that I take the photos, imagining what kind of people and how they lived in there (or are living in) when I see the building.
Do you have any standard when you select the buildings that you shoot?
I shoot the photos of buildings that I feel reminiscences of "Showa". I am sure to take the photos of buildings that are nostalgic and reminiscences of good-old days and are touching my heart.
Are there any other places that you like to go for shooting where you have not yet shot the photos?
Now I am mainly shooting photos around Chuo ward, Taito ward, Koto ward and Sumida ward. There are many other places that I like to go for shooting, and if in Tokyo, these are Katsushika ward, Arakawa ward, Adachi ward, and Edogawa ward. If outside of Tokyo, I like to go to the downtown of Northern Kanto and of Kansai area if I have a chance.
Heisei period will end soon, and Japan will welcome the new period. Although I cannot yet imagine, there may come one day, when we feel nostalgic as "these are the good-old days", seeing the building built in Heisei period.

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