Traveling kitty cats throughout Japan, Daikichi & Fuku chan

Traveling kitty cats throughout Japan, Daikichi & Fuku chan
Numbers of people who enjoy travelling together with their loving pets are increasing recently as the accommodations where they can stay together with pets increase.
Ms. the.travelliing.cats whom I introduce this time is also one of the people enjoying travelling together with pets, and she publishes in Instagram how she travels throughout Japan with the loving two kitty cats, "Daikichi" and "Fuku chan".
I asked Ms. the.travelling.cats who has travelled all over Japan together with cats until now about hard times for shooting and episodes of travelling.

What should I do? A cat went missing when travelling!

What made you become travelling together with cats?
I originally like travelling, and I used to leave cats at a pet hotel or with a babysitter when I was out of home for a long period before. As a cat called Daikichi had grown up in the nature of Hokkaido originally, he was not used to people, and he caused an uproar or he made a babysitter injured. So, I have stopped leaving cats with the others, and I became taking them travelling.
Where is especially the most impressive place where you travelled together with cats?
Tanegashima Island of Kagoshima prefecture where we travelled in August, 2018, was especially the most impressive. A cat called Fuku chan went missing there, but she returned miraculously by herself 15 hours later.
What are the hard things when shooting photos of the cats on travelling?
I shoot the photos with bearing in my mind that the camera and the lines of sights of cats are in parallel. Also, I usually take the photos mainly in the spots where are not crowded with people as the cats will be hidden surrounded by many people when in sightseeing places.
It is very fun to think where Daikichi and Fuku chan will travel around next and will post cute photos from, isn't it?

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