A spectacular fire festival! A full of courage "Oniyo of Daizenji temple Tamataregu" of Fukuoka prefecture

A spectacular fire festival! A full of courage
Oniyo is held on January the 7th every year at Daizenji temple Tamataregu of Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture. It is a traditional fire festival in the beginning of a year, continuing for more than 1,600 years, for warding off the evil spirits and for inviting the luck.
Six furiously burning big torches are carried by several hundreds of young shrine parishioners and it is spectacul that they run around in the ground, calling out each other.
I asked about the time when Mr. Tomo shot the photos of Oniyo that convey heated atmosphere.

Entered to the fight with perfectly prepared so that it would not be a problem even if my head is covered with sparks!

What made you go to this fire festival?
I came to know this fire festival for the first time when I saw the posted photos in Instagram three years ago.
Thinking that I would like to see actually the furiously burning big torches and the courageous postures of shrine parishioners surrounding the torches, I went there the following year, and then this year again.
How did you feel when you actually went there?
It was so exciting that I had been overwhelmed completely by more great power than that in a photo, when I actually saw it in front of eyes. I got stuck in the charm instantly.
It is the traditional rite, handed over for 1,600 years, and is beautiful festival as the one of three great fire festivals in Japan. Such great festival exists in Fukuoka prefecture...., it was a surprise.
While you are shooting the photos that have great power, what especially did you pay attention to?
I entered to the fight with perfectly prepared so that it would not be a problem even if my head is covered with sparks and I shot many photos at an extremely close range.
The point for shooting the photos is the setting that matches to the situation not to over exposure as much as possible, as the brightness of fire are different by the positions. It was difficult.
Also, I shot the photos, with paying attention to expressions and movement of shrine parishioners, so that I could convey the great power and the charm of this fire festival.
When exposed to the sparks of the big torches, it is said that you would receive the state of good health, so many people seems watching it nearby.
Oniya of Daizenji temple Tamataregu surrounded by the great power and the heated atmosphere. You might like to go watching the courageous postures of the men at the beginning of the next year.
《 Details of Oniya of Daizenji temple Tamataregu 》
[The date and time of the festival] 1PM through around 11:30PM on the January 7th *Lighting up on the big torches around after 9PM
[Address] Daizenji temple Tamataregu, Miyamoto 1463-1, Daizenji town, Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture
[Admission] Free * Paid (Yen 2,000) viewing seats are available. Limited only 250 seats (no designation).
By train: 5 minutes walk from "Daizenji station" of Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta line.
By car: About 40 minutes from Kurume Interchange of Kyushu expressway.

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