Samurai warriors of the warring states period revive at the one night only festival "Kan-oh Kaen".

Samurai warriors of the warring states period revive at the one night only festival
Kan-oh kaen is a festival held in Unzen city of Nagasaki prefecture during a period of cherry blossom blooming every year. It is a traditional festival that is based on the historical fact that the lord of Kamabuta jo castle, which actually existed in Chijiwa cho of Unzen city, fought against for saving his hometown about 500 years ago.

With pine torches in hands, yelling around "iyasaka" for prosperous of the hometown, the samurai warriors parade for about 2 km from Chijiwa kaigan coast to Tachibana jinja shrine that is one of the most famous cherry blossom spots in Nagasaki prefecture. The appearance of that marching is a full of spectacular.
(Iyasaka: It means more prosperous and growing more and more.)

The samurai warriors in armours parade in the one night only festival.
The samurai warriors of about 150 lighted in pine torches are fantastically beautiful, and many tourists visit to the one night only festival from in and outside of Japan to see a glance of such postures.
Kagura that is performed before the departure of samurai warriors' marching and the performance by the troops bearing guns are also one of the must-sees. Among them, the actual performance of matchlocks by the troops bearing guns is very rare chance to see, so please don't miss it by all means when you visit there.
(Kagura is a sacred music and dance performance of Shinto.)

You can also join to the samurai warriors' marching that is open to public if you pay admissions, and you may rent the armours with charges. Although it will be lottery if the application are many, if you like to join by all means, why don't you try applying?
《Detailed information of Kan-oh Kaen》
【Date of the festival】March 30th, 2019 (Saturday)
【Hours of the festival】From 6 PM
【Place of the festival】
From Fukuishi park (Chijiwa cho otsu, Unzen city, Nagasaki prefecture) to Tachibana jinja shrine (Chijiwa cho ki 529, Unzen city, Nagasaki prefecture)

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