Popular in SNS the reflection photos of "Tokyo station".

Popular in SNS the reflection photos of
Various people and things are coming and going in "Tokyo station" that is the gateway of Tokyo. When such Tokyo station looks in different expression from the usual is after the rain. Illuminated, the station building of Marunouchi entrance made of red bricks is reflecte
d in puddles and it changes to mystic posture. This time, I asked Mr. Koichi about the story when he shot the reflection photos of Tokyo station, which became a topic in SNS.

Pre-setting just to push the shutter, anyway I shot efficiently and swiftly the photos!

Please tell me the points when you shot these photos of Tokyo station.
As the illumination of Tokyo station would be lighted off completely at 9PM, I shot the photos before the time. It now became much popular spot and taking the photos might hinder the pedestrians. The points are pre-setting just to push the shutter, and shooting the photos efficiently and swiftly at puddles where are not many people. Also, as photos tend to be of common composition, I took care of shooting the photos from different angles even a bit.
Is there any episode when you shot the photos?
The shooting time was just 5 minutes as I shot the photos during waiting for appointment. I had a personal computer in my bag, so I applied the pre-setting to the 4 photos just as I always shoot the photos, and I posted them on Twitter. In 10 minutes of waiting time, I shot the photos, appearing here, and even edited them.
Mr. Koichi efficiently and swiftly performs shooting and editing the photos. Because the spot is not only popular, also there are many pedestrians, let us shoot photos, paying enough attention around. Mystic landscape only after the rain. Why don't you try taking photos of such landscape by all means?
【Place】An open space in front of Marunouchi station building of Tokyo station
【Business hours】 Open for 24 hours * The illumination of Marunouchi station building of Tokyo station starts from sunset until 9PM.
【Tripod】not allowed to use

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