The sea of cloud in Chichibu is just like fantasy world.

The sea of cloud in Chichibu is just like fantasy world.
When talking about Chichibu, it is well known for the river cruise in Nagatoro, moss phloxes, and Mitsumine jinja shrine that is popular as the spiritual energy site.
"The sea of cloud" makes camera-freaks groan in such Chichibu!
From Tokyo it is the nearest spot of the sea of cloud, and it is said that from October through December is the peak season for the sea of cloud.
This time, I asked Mr. Michisuke, who shot the photos of beautiful sea of cloud, about the point in order to see the sea of cloud and how to shoot the photos.

After the two hours of trekking, and yet after waited for a change of the wind direction, and at last I could shoot photos of the beautiful sea of cloud!

Please tell me about the weather when you shot these photos of sea of cloud.
On the day before (the 27th of September), there rained enough by midnight affected by the autumn rain front.
On the following day (the 28th of September) was cloudless sunny day from morning. The wind had been light until the night.
When in such situation, I can expect much more chances of appearing the sea of cloud.
As the humidity in Chichibu area was elevating from late afternoon, I decided to go trekking to Bukousan mountain, seeing this progress.
How was your feeling about the situation when you went trekking to Bukousan mountain?
I started to go trekking to Bukousan mountain after midnight.
During trekking, there was no signal of cellphone, and I did not know about the situation of sea of cloud because the trekking route was at the opposite side of town.
When at last I reached the peak after about two hours, there spread sea of cloud over the townscape of Chichibu city, which was in front of my eyes.
About two hours trekking is necessary, isn't it?! Did you take this photo right after your arrival at the peak?
No, I did not. The sea of cloud was not spread over the factory area in front, affected by the south wind, during the time when I reached the peak.
At last, when the wind direction changed to the north wind, the sea of cloud gradually started covering the factory area in front, and I could take the photos of this mystic moment during the time when the belt of Venus appears!
* Belt of Venus: A belt in pink color seen in the sky of the opposite side to the sun when the sun rising and the sun setting
You could take this beautiful photos after holding out for such long hours. Are there also any other places where we can shoot the sea of cloud of Chichibu?
From the observation deck of Chichibu muse park, and from the peak of Minoyama mountain, you can see the sea of cloud without long hours of the trekking.
(Left) A sea of cloud from the Chichibu muse park (Right) A sea of cloud from the peak of Minoyama mountain
It is good to view the sea of cloud from Bukousan mountain after plentiful trekking in cold, and it also seems good to enjoy it easily from the Chichibu muse park or from Minoyama mountain, isn't it?
Why don't you also shoot the memorable one photo, visiting there during the season of sea of cloud during October through December?
《 Details of Bukousan mountain 》
【Address】Ooaza Yokoze, Yokoze machi, Chichibu gun, Saitama prefecture
【Access】By walk from "Yokoze" station of Seibu

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