More than 100 carp streamers swimming in a river! "Carp streamers in the water" of Sabagawa river.

More than 100 carp streamers swimming in a river!
During the Golden week period (Japanese holidays about one week in early May) every year, you can find a rare in nationwide sightscape in Sabagawa river flowing in Hofu city of Yamaguchi prefecture. The rare sightscape is "carp streamers swimming in the water".
The event that lets carp streamers swim in Sabagawa river has been started since 2008 for the purpose of local revitalization by local interested persons. It became a hot topic through some SNS recently, and during period of the event, many of not only local visitors but also tourists from the far come and try seeing a glimpse of the superb view.

The postures of calmly swimming carp streamers in the water are indeed a superb view!

It is said that, in 2008, when the event has been started, the numbers of carp streamers swimming in the river were about only 40. But, as the event gradually became known by people, the more carp streamers have been frequently gifted from various places, and now it became about 140 carp streamers are swimming calmly in the water.
The scape that a small boat with a person flows across on the swimming carp streamers in the water is a picturesque, and such a scape makes you want to shoot photos unintentionally. It is said that it is because some debris, which flowed in the river may stuck on the carp streamers, may hurt the carp streamers, the local person rides on a small boat once in a while, and he takes care around of the status of carp streamers in the water.
People who became knowing about carp streamers in the water by posts in SNS come all the way from the far and visit to see a glimpse of the superb view. Overlooking from a bridge, the postures of more than 100 carp streamers are swimming are indeed the Instagrammable sightscape!
If you have a chance going to Yamaguchi prefecture during the Golden week period, please stop by at the event.

《Detailed information》
【Period of the event】From May 1st to May 5th every year (The period of event may vary depending on the year.)
* In case of bad weather and severe condition of the river, the event may finish earlier than scheduled.
【Admissions】Free for viewing
【Place of the event】Ono, Hofu city, Yamaguchi prefecture ((Near Ono elementary school)
* Because it is not a tourist spot, there are no billboard placed for navigation. When you set Ono elementary school located nearby the event place as a landmark, you may find it easily.
【Access】About 20 minutes by car from Hofu station

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