Drone Movie Contest 2019 - Yoshitsugu Takeuchi received the special award

Drone Movie Contest 2019 - Yoshitsugu Takeuchi received the special award
"Japan Drone 2019", an exhibition and conference dedicated to private drones, was held in Makuhari Messe. On March 13th, 2019, at the special stage of the exhibition, the award ceremony of "Drone Movie Contest 2019", which is the contest for aerial movie works shot from drones, was celebrated.
TAS Inc., an operating company of ZEKKEI Japan, was honor to be one of the co-sponsors to the event, and the company was honor to work for the audition of the final listed 7 works.

This time, I have asked Mr. Yoshitsugu Takeuchi, who received "TAS award" as a jury's special award by the company, about "150th JAPAN LIGHTHOUSE", the awarded works, and about his activity as a videographer.

I am allured by the things no one noticing and by the things shut out from public.


- There are many lighthouses appeared in the awarded works this time, and what made you shoot the lighthouses?

Apart from the requested shooting by clients, I select what I like to shoot just by my personal choice, and make them a work a few time a year. So-called an experimental creative activity.
Although I like also superb views, I am very allured by things no one noticing and things shut out from the public, and I found such similar sense in the "lighthouse". Because lighthouses in Japan are all in similar shape, I felt it fun to think how to shoot not to make the works monotonous and how to finish the works simple.
There is nothing more fun than making works while conveniently ignoring the numbers of views and reactions around.

▲Drone Movie Contest 2019 Jury’s special award・Awarded work - Yoshitsugu Takeuchi “150th JAPAN LIGHTHOUSE”

I am surprised that a sense to the lighthouses is completely different from that in Japan.

When I surveyed towards lighthouse movie production in Japan, I became to understand that the lighthouses in France were attractive. These are artistic lighthouses with very unique characteristics, and anyway let's go there and try shooting them, so I went to the Isle of Ushant (Brest) and the Cordouan lighthouse in France.
Brest is the town of lighthouse, and there is a picture of lighthouse like a big billboard in the airport as well as many souvenirs of lighthouse are lined up. When I ate in a restaurant, I found the lighthouse mark printing on a package of butter, and the people there tell in chorus that "Beautiful is every lighthouse in Brest, isn't it?!". I am surprised that a sense to the lighthouses is completely different from that in Japan.
Then, I selected about 20 lighthouses in Japan, and started shooting the Japanese lighthouse collection.

- What meaning is included in the work title of "150th JAPAN LIGHTHOUSE"?

It is said that the first built western style lighthouse in Japan is the Kannonzaki lighthouse located in Yokosuka. The year of 2018 was the commemorative 150th year counted from the year of the first built, and I put it to the title, because I shot lighthouses in Japan just same timing as the commemorative year.

- How long this time did it take for shooting? Did you have any difficulty when shooting?

It took about one and a half years. Mizunokojima lighthouse (Oita prefecture), appearing in the last part of movie, is located on the place where I can reach only by a chartered boat, and when the wave is high, I could not land there. So, the timing was difficult. I could luckily land there, but because the scaffold was bad and in strong winds, I had to shoot prepared for the various happenings.

- You have received two years consecutive awards at Drone Movie Contest in 2017 and 2018. Were you confident to receive the award this year again?


As I told you earlier, I am allured by things no one noticing and by things shut out from public. I thought that I could not receive any award because I am not making the works that can share much common feeling. As I was honor to be nominated, I just had feeling that I would enjoy the contest.

- I think that you had visited various superb views in and outside of Japan, and is there any especially memorable place?

▲Cheng Qi Lou, Fujian province(Photo by Yoshitsugu Takeuchi)

When I say about the impressive place, the tulou called Cheng Qi Lou in China, where was the shooting place of the awarded works of the special award in "Drone Movie contest" in 2018, is impressively memorable.
The place was about two to three hours ride by car from Xiamen in China, and the local people did not know about Mastercard. The village was such a very impressive place.
(*Tulou: Hakka's traditional massive residential complex, built from the 12th century through the 20th century.)

▲Drone Movie Contest 2018 Jury’s special award・Awarded work - Yoshitsugu Takeuchi “Gaobei Tulou”

When I visited for shooting, it was just during the Lunar new year, and I was in trouble to exchange cash to Chinese Yen due to bank close. The owner of local gasoline station was so kind that he not only exchanged the cash but also invited me to his house for some meals.
This work was awarded last year, so I think I will go back there in order to thank for his hospitality and to report about the award.

- In the Web of Mr. Takeuchi, I can see aerial movies of spots in and outside of Japan, and among them the cut of swimming carp streamers in the river was very impressive. Where did you shoot them?

▲Hofu city of Yamaguchi prefecture “Carp streamers in the water” (Photo: Yoshitsugu Takeuchi)

I was specially allowed to shoot the event, which is held only during May 3rd through 5th every year in Hofu city of Yamaguchi prefecture.

- Is there anything that you like to shoot in future as a videographer?


I am a big fan of a stadium, and my dream came true. I am now in charge of aerial shooting project of stadiums of J1 league 18 teams.
The World cup will be held in Qatar in 2022, and all the designs of stadiums in Qatar are all wonderful as these are free from the common idea. It is actually difficult but I like to try shooting them. And, as I like to make a video work of the unique traditional culture of Toraja tribe, I like to go to the Sulawesi island in Indonesia.

Mr. Takeuchi told me frankly during the interview various episodes, such as superb views spots in each country where he has visited until now and as his difficulty related to aerial shooting by the drone. For shooting a video that resonates with his senses, Mr. Takeuchi travels briskly and actively around various places. I received very positive influence with such his readiness as a videographer.
I am very eager to look from now forward what kind of video works Mr. Takeuchi will show for future!

Yoshitsugu Takeuchi
Born in Hamamatsu city of Shizuoka prefecture.
After actively appeared in Water Boys 2 (Fuji Television) and in TV commercials as an actor, he became a videographer.
Received the special awards for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and in 2019, at "Drone Movie Contest".
Joined to video production by DJI, a large drone manufacturer. He also participates in video shooting editing of other commercials and of WEBs.
Web : https://www.hamamatsuo.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/yoshitsugu_takeuchi/?hl=ja

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