"Toba Grand Hotel", a superb view hotel where is the best for visiting Ise Jingu

There are many famous sightseeing spots gathered in the Ise Shima area, such as, to begin with Ise Jingu, which is loved by Japanese as "Spiritual home", Oharaicho town, the Toba aquarium, and Meoto Iwa Rocks (the rocks like a married couple/ Futami Okitama Jinja).

Toba Grand Hotel, as close as about 5 minutes by car from "Toba" station of Kintetsu railway, located on a cape from where you can overview the Toba bay, and also is convenient to visit to Ise Jingu, is a popular hotel and just the best for the one who likes to enjoy sightseeing in Ise Shima area.
And there is another reason for its popularity among many people. It is because the hotel is "a superb view hotel", from which you will enjoy viewing great views as much as you like.

Views from a lobby is an overwhelming panoramic superb view!

Superv views from the lobby of Toba Grand Hotel
  • Superv views from the lobby of Toba Grand Hotel
  • Superv views from the lobby of Toba Grand Hotel
As soon as stepping into a hotel building, you just will see the huge panoramic superb view of Toba bay from a lobby that is made of glass in all sides!
In an atmosphere of comfortable openness as you can see here, there is no doubt that you will be unconsciously allured by the beauty of Toba Bay spreading in front of a sight.
Superv views from the lobby of Toba Grand Hotel
▲The view of Mitsushima from the lobby is so beautiful that a staff guarantees as "the view from here is the best!".
  • Welcome drink at lobby
  • Welcome drink at lobby
▲To begin with, having a complimentary drink for welcoming, fully enjoy the superb view at the lobby!
The view of Mitsushima (three islands), which are floating three small islands on Toba bay, from the lobby is so beautiful that many staffs guarantee as "the view of Mitsushima from here is the best!".
While checking in, a guest can have a complimentary drink for welcoming at the lobby. It is said that guests are very happy because they can relax, viewing the superb view. It is also said that guests are not few who stay longer than thought at the lobby because of the great view as well as comfortability.
Mitsushima Light Up
▲When the Mitsushima are illuminated at a night, you will find different expression from that during a day.
And as the Mitsushima will be illuminated from 8:30 PM through the midnight, you will enjoy the mystical view different from the view during a day.
It also seems good to keep calm and relax viewing the illuminated Mitsushima after you take a bath.

All guest rooms are with ocean views! All the superb views are luxuriously only yours.

Sakura floor special room
▲Most popular guest rooms "Sakura floor special room"
  • Sakura floor special room
  • Sakura floor special room
Too quick to satisfy just with the superb view from the lobby! In fact, all guest rooms of this hotel are facing the sea, so all the guests can enjoy ocean views. The hotel is irresistible to superb-view-freaks.
Especially popular among the guest rooms are "Sakura floor special rooms" that are completed in 2016 and are located on the top floor of hotel. The room is a Japanese western style with full senses of high class, a combination of a spacious 12 tatami-mat wide Japanese room and a wooden floor room where a twin bed is ready and where you can feel a warmth of wood.
▲A scenic spot "Mitsushima" viewing from the guest room
As same in the lobby, the most attractive thing in the guest room is the superb view. From a window made of glass in all sides, a guest will observe the calm Toba bay and Mitsushima, a scenic spot in Toba.
It seems that we will spend the most luxurious moment as we can get this beautiful superb view solely to ourselves.
Guest room of Toba Grand Hotel
▲All the guest rooms are with ocean views! You can enjoy superb views even from the rooms as much as you like.
As even guest rooms other than Sakura floor special rooms have a wide window facing the sea, guests will fully enjoy the beautiful views.
Such design of the guest rooms makes us feel the hotel's commitment as "we would like all the guests to fully enjoy the beautiful views of Toba bay".

Observed from an outdoor bath that the hotel is proud of for superb views.

Out door bath of Toba Grand Hotel
▲An outdoor bath that the hotel is proud of for superb views
  • The observation bath
  • Toba bay in the sunrise
▲(L)The observation bath /(R)Toba bay in the sunrise
Because the hotel is proud of superb views, it also meets the expectations of superb-view-freaks' even in baths. You can take two kinds of baths, an outdoor bath and an observation bath, and you can enjoy the best views from each bath.
The dawn before the sunrise is the time that especially is recommended, and Toba bay dyed in the dawn, being viewed from the outdoor bath, is just the prime superb view worth of viewing even getting up early. As you can enjoy the best view, soaking in a large bath tub, healing a fatigue of trip, you may become liking to take the outdoor bath unconsciously so many times!

Very popular is a seafood buffet where you can fully enjoy local and freshest gifts from the sea!

seafood buffet of Toba Grand Hotel
  • eafood buffet of Toba Grand Hotel
  • seafood buffet of toba grand hotel
▲Very popular is a seafood buffet abundantly used local gifts from the sea.
After enjoyed the best views from a room and a bath, it is an awaited dinner time! At the Toba Grand Hotel, you can select the dinner from various plans according to a favor, such as enjoying a relaxed dinner in a room and a buffet dinner at a restaurant.
The plan that I would like to recommend the best amongst is a dinner buffet at a restaurant with ocean views! It is a very satisfying buffet, where you can enjoy numbers of dishes that the Toba Grand Hotel is proud of, while viewing the Toba bay and Mitsushima dyed in the sunset.
  • Buffet dinner of Toba Grand Hotel
  • Buffet dinner of Toba Grand Hotel
▲Other than sea foods you can taste various menus from Japanese and western, also there are many kinds of desserts!
Lined up many dishes of Japanese and western, such as local and freshest gifts from the sea bought from a market every morning, and country dishes, the deluxe dinner buffet is very popular for guests!
Toba Grand Hotel serves with confidence the highlighted dishes such as freshly-fried tempura, nigiri sushi, a fisherman's pot with Ise lobsters, and a beef fillet steak that is so tender that can be cut with chopsticks. It is said that many of these dishes are so popular that guests often fall in lines.
Please try eating by all means many of tasty dishes until you will be stuffed, while enjoying views of Toba bay and Mitsushima in the twilight!

Ise Shima, a full of charms, attracts people visited with shrines and temples, such as Ise Jingu, and superb view spots, and with many of local gourmets.
When you travel in such Ise Shima, why don't you try spending a luxury moment at the Toba Grand Hotel, where you can enjoy gifts from the sea of Toba and beautiful superb views?

Prepared a special gift for the one who makes a reservation upon seeing this article!

We have prepared a special gift for the one who makes a reservation upon seeing this article.

|Special gift

■Complimentary service of beer or juice after the bath

|Terms of service for special gift

We will provide the special gift for the one who cooperates the following process..

1.Please post pictures taken in the Toba Grand Hotel to Instagram with hashtag "#tobagrandhotel".
2.Please present a screen of posted Instagram to a staff at the front desk.

Toba Grand Hotel
【Address】239-9 Oaham-cho, Toba city, Mie prefecture
【Business hours for reservation】9AM to 8PM
【Room charge】From 12,960 Japanese Yen (incl. Tax) (for one person when 2 persons staying/ one night stay incl. two meals)
【Access】About 5 minutes drive by car from JR Toba station/ Kintetsu Toba station
* Free shuttle service is available from Kintetsu Toba station. Please refer to the official website for operating hours of shuttle service.
【Official website】https://jgh.jp/en/
* The information is as of May 2019. Please refer to the official website when making reservations as information, such as room charges, may be changed.

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