The Best Beaches in Japan! A Selection of 10 Beautiful Sceneries by the Sea

The Best Beaches in Japan! A Selection of 10 Beautiful Sceneries by the Sea
What is the best sea you have ever seen in your life?
Speaking about overseas, you might think of Hawaii or the Caribbean Sea, in Japan it might be Okinawa.
However, Japan has beautiful seas all over the country.
And its beauty is infinite.
The sea impresses us changing its appearance every moment of the day.
This time, we would like to introduce you to the beaches and coasts of Japan where you can enjoy a spectacular view.

1. Jodogahama Beach (Iwate Prefecture / Miyako City)

Jodogahama Beach1

This place once has been called Utopia

There is a beautiful contrast between white rocks, green pine trees, and the blue sea around this area. It is said that the name comes from the fact that someone said once, "It's just like a paradise." You can enter the famous "Blue Cave" by boarding a small boat called "Sappa Ship".

  • Jodogahama Beach2
  • Jodogahama Beach3

2. Ubara Beach (Chiba Prefecture / Katsuura City)

Ubara Beach1

An oasis in the metropolitan area surrounded by a wonderland

Ubara Beach has been designated as one of the "100 Best Beaches in Japan" and is famous for its highly transparent shallow sea. The white Torii gate facing the sea belongs to Yasaka Shrine and creates a mysterious atmosphere. Adjacent to the cape called Ubara Utopia, you can enjoy the complex terrain created by the ria coast.

  • Ubara Beach2
  • Ubara Beach3

3. Ogasawara Islands (Tokyo / Ogasawara Village)

Ogasawara Islands1

Pacific paradise where sea creatures live

The Ogasawara Islands are composed of about 30 large and small islands centered on the main island of Chichi-jima. You can also see whales and dolphins in the beautiful sea with coral reefs. The uninhabited island, Minamijima, located to the southwest of Chichi-jima, is especially spectacular. The unusual terrain sinking below the sea due to crustal movements, makes you feel like you are looking at a different world.

  • Ogasawara Islands2
  • Ogasawara Islands3

4. Miho no Matsubara coast (Shizuoka Prefecture / Shizuoka City)

Miho no Matsubara coast 1

Matsubara that captivated Japanese minds since ancient times

The pine forest along the coast, the rippling sea, and Mt. Fuji behind it. This landscape has continued to touch the chords of the Japanese hearts and has become the subject of many artistic works such as Ukiyo-e by Hiroshige Utagawa. There is a perfect bicycle path maintained here, so you can cycle about 15 kilometers with a great view of Mt. Fuji.

  • Miho no Matsubara coast 2
  • Miho no Matsubara coast 3

5. Tsukumo Bay (Ishikawa Prefecture / Noto Town)

Tsukumo Bay 1

A beautiful landscape created by calm coves of various sizes

"Tsukumo" characters mean ninety-nine in Japanese. Lots of various coves spread out in a small 1 km long lagoon on the east-west and 1.5 km long territory on the north-south. This land creates a calm and soothing panorama. At the center of the bay, there is an island Horaijima, with the same-named mountain, where the hermits live.

  • Tsukumo Bay 2
  • Tsukumo Bay 3

6. Uradome Coast (Tottori Prefecture / Iwami Town)

Uradome Coast 1

Dynamic coastline, created by the rough Sea of Japan

It is a ria coast facing the rough Sea of Japan, which stretches for about 15 kilometers. You can enjoy uniquely shaped rocks, gates, caves, etc., and it is designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark. The transparency of the sea is very high, and you can see the rocks on the bottom of the water even from the top of the cliff.

  • Uradome Coast 2
  • Uradome Coast 3

7. Chichibugahama Beach (Kagawa Prefecture/ Mitoyo City)

Chichibugahama Beach 1

A water mirror in the sky, Japanese Uyuni Salt Flat

Selected as one of the "100 Best Sunsets in Japan", a beautiful sunset spot will make you feel as if you are in the sky. The sky reflected on the water surface is very mysterious, and recently become famous for pictures taken in Uyuni salt lake manner. This place is not the sea, but a tide pool with a sandy beach that can only be seen when there is no wind at low tide.

  • Chichibugahama Beach 2
  • Chichibugahama Beach 3

8. Okoshiki Coast (Kumamoto Prefecture / Uto City)

Okoshiki Coast 1

An artistic tidal flat pattern drawn by the ebb and flow of the tide

It is a rare sandy beach where the appearance of tidal flats changes depending on the tide. The best time that occurs only for a few days a year is when the low tide and the setting sun overlap. It is a really special scenery you should experience at least once. The scene unique to the Ariake Sea has been selected as one of the "100 best beaches in Japan" and "100 best sunsets in Japan".

  • Okoshiki Coast 2
  • Okoshiki Coast 3

9. Yurigahama beach (Kagoshima Prefecture / Yoron island)

Yurigahama beach 1

A phantom island floating in the sea that appears only in the spring tide

It is a sandy beach that appears only at low tide, 1.5 km off the coast of the Oganeku Sea, where the emerald green water spreads. Riffles extend to a great distance around the beach, and you can run over the sea. This scene happens a few days a month, and the rest of the time is hidden under the waves.

  • Yurigahama beach 2
  • Yurigahama beach 3

10. Hatenohama Beach (Okinawa Prefecture / Kume Town)

Hatenohama Beach 1

A sandy beach floating offshore

It is a sand-only island located on the east side of Kume island, one of the remote islands of Okinawa. The sandy beach continues for about 7 km, and it will not sink even at high tide. You can enjoy the feeling of coming to the "end" place surrounded by the emerald green sea in all directions of 360 degrees.

  • Hatenohama Beach 2
  • Hatenohama Beach 3

What do you think?
Don't hesitate and enjoy to the full all these various shapes of beaches, as Japan is an island country.
The art created by nature is deeply moving and surprising.
Why don't you start a new trip to discover the beauty of the sea?

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