Top 10 most viewed scenic spots in June

Top 10 most viewed scenic spots in June
Here are the most visited spots' pages at ZEKKEI Japan in June 2020.
Let's check what kind of superb views have been attracting attention right before the summer heat season!


Baikamo, White water-crowfoot (Shiga Prefecture)

Baikamo, White water-crowfoot
  • Baikamo, White water-crowfoot 2
  • Baikamo, White water-crowfoot 3
The Jizo River in Samegai, Maibara City is a river created by the springs from "Isame no Shimizu" and is a famous place where the Baikamo flowers bloom on the surface of the water.
Small white flowers bloom from mid-May to late August every year, and the best time to see them is in late July. The water temperature is kept around 14 ℃ throughout the year, and you can also see the precious Freshwater fish and Smallhead stickleback.


Itadori River (Gifu Prefecture)

Itadori River
  • Itadori River 2
  • Itadori River3
If you want to spend fun holidays in the Gifu area, the best spot is definitely the Itadori River. The water quality is very high, and the transparency is so outstanding that it looks like you are floating in the air. If you look underwater, you can clearly see all the stones on the bottom of the river.
In addition, there are lots of campgrounds scattered along the clear stream, and you can easily come here with your family.


Rurikoin Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)

Rurikoin Temple
  • Rurikoin Temple 2
  • Rurikoin Temple 3
Rurikoin Temple in the Yase area of Kyoto has been loved by aristocrats and samurais since the Heian period. From the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era, a sukiya-style building was renovated on a site of 39,669 sq.m., and a Japanese garden with a landscape of beautiful nature was built.
You can enjoy these views only during the special visits in spring and autumn. Above all, the scenery outside from the 2nd floor of the Shoin (drawing room) is wonderful, you will be impressed by the magnificent scenery of the fresh green in spring and impressive maples in autumn.


Happo Pond (Nagano Prefecture)

Happo Pond
  • Happo Pond 2
  • Happo Pond 3
"Happo Pond" is a pond created by the accumulation of earth and sand washed away by the snow. It is a lovely home to salamanders and forest green tree frogs.
You can go trekking for about an hour and a half using the gondola and the lift, to see the magnificent Mt. Shirouma, Mt. Shakushi, and Mt. Yariga.


Shimizu Stream Square (Chiba Prefecture)

Shimizu Stream Square
  • Shimizu Stream Square 2
  • Shimizu Stream Square 3
Shimizu Stream Square is an unexplored region of the Boso peninsula, Chiba (Kimitsu City), with a beautiful fantastic landscape. The scenery of "Kameiwa Cave" surrounded by nature and "Nomizo Falls" flowing through it gives you a unique view. In recent years, the heart-shaped silhouette that reflects the incoming light on the surface of the water has become a hot topic. Enjoy nature and the romantic scenery here.


Mishaka Pond (Nagano Prefecture)

Mishaka Pond
  • Mishaka Pond  2
  • Mishaka Pond  3
Mishaka Pond was selected as one of the 100 best ponds by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in 2010. This is a pond with an area of about 0.1ha and a water depth of about 7m.
It is a hidden place that has various appearances changing every day depending on the season, time of the day. The autumn leaves here are especially magnificent.


Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion (Chiba Prefecture)

Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion 2
  • Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion 3
  • Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion1
At Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion, 300 species and more than 10,000 hydrangeas are planted on a site with a total area of 18,000 square meters. The park is open only from June to early July during the bloom season, and the entire slope is colored with hydrangea from the top to the bottom of the mountain. The vast grounds and blessed natural environment give you a healing feel.


Narai-juku (Nagano Prefecture)

590 Narai-juku
  • Narai-juku3
  • Narai-juku1
"Narai-juku" is a post town that once prospered with many travelers resting here before heading the difficult Torii Pass.
In the Meiji era, the national highway was renovated and shifted from the town. Since then, the cityscape has been preserved in its original form, and in 1978 it was designated as a traditional buildings preservation district.
The town is dotted with nostalgic cafes and old-style houses, making it a tourist spot great to enjoy even on a woman solo trip.


Shibu Toge Pass (Nagano and Gunma prefectures)

 Shibu Toge Pass
  • Shibu Toge Pass 2
  • Shibu Toge Pass 3
Shibu Toge Pass is located on the prefectural border between Nagano and Gunma prefectures and has an altitude of 2,172m. It is a popular place to drive, there is a parking space along National Highway 292 where the monument of "Japanese National Highway highest point" is located.
Many people come to this place to see the spectacular scenery of fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and the sea of clouds. We recommend visiting here during the May-October as during winter time it is closed due to freezing.


Nameless Pond / Monet's Pond (Gifu Prefecture)

Nameless Pond / Monet's Pond
  • Nameless Pond / Monet's Pond 2
  • Nameless Pond / Monet's Pond 3
A popular spot in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Monet's Pond. The spring water that is collected in the pond is extremely transparent, and from the end of May to October, you can enjoy water lilies on the surface of the pond. Beautiful Nishikigoi (Amur carp) gracefully swimming in the water is like the masterpiece of French painter Monet, "Water Lilies". From November you can watch gorgeously colored autumn leaves and enjoy the snowy scenery in winter.

What do you think of [Top 10 most viewed scenic spots in June at "Zekkei Japan"]?
This time, there were many spectacular views of rivers, mountains, and plants in this article, that are great for summer holidays.

In addition to the spots we introduced, there are many other scenic spots scattered throughout Japan. Use "ZEKKEI Japan" search field to find the best spot that suits you the most!

*Due to the spread of infection of the novel coronavirus, operating conditions of some places may change. Please check the official websites before your visit.

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