Recommended beach ranking courtesy of ZEKKEI editorial department to fully enjoy the summer.

Recommended beach ranking courtesy of ZEKKEI editorial department to fully enjoy the summer.
After the end of the rainy season, "sea-bathing season" will commence in various places.
Upon hearing this news, my friends and partner, as well as my family all wanted to go to the beach and the seashore.

From lively beaches that can be enjoyed with friends to beaches with a romantic ambiance between life companions or lovers, the editorial department introduces a selection of beach choices for people in their 20s - 30s using a ranking format.

No. 1

Kondoi Beach (Okinawa)

Okinawa Beach Kondoi
This beach is located in Taketomi Island in Okinawa.
It is definitely rated as a beautiful sea with its very clear waters and overlapping depths of different blue and emerald green colors!
Okinawa Beach Kondoi
A superb swimming location with almost no waves and is in front of the beach facing Iriomote island. Although you cannot swim with its shallow water (up until the offing) during low tides, but it makes it possible for small children to enjoy swimming safely.
Plus, since it is located at the western part of island, it also makes it possible to view the magnificent scenery of the setting sun by the sea.
There are a lot of people during the day and Kondoi beach turns into a romantic dating place for couples starting the late afternoon. This beach offers two types of different flavors during the day and during night.

No. 2

Yonaha Foreshore Beach (Okinawa)

Okinawa Beach Yonaha
With the beauty pure white sand everywhere, Yonaha Foresore Beach (also called Maipama Beach) is also known as the "White Sands of the Orient".
Okinawa Beach Yonaha
The beauty of the sands is a given, and the "Kumaoohashi" that is suspended nearby also allows viewing of the blue sea scenery in one straight line. There is also a nearby resort and it is also very accessible so tourist are flocking in.

No. 3

Yurigahama Beach (Kagoshima)

Yurigahama Beach is actually a little special place.
It is the "Phantom Beach" that appears in different places and various patterns due to the effects of the tides and wind.
The sand of this beach appears in a cute star shape and is called "Hoshi no suna" or star sand. It is said to bring luck by bringing home the same number of star sand as your own age.
By bringing it together with your someone special, you might be able to experience the incoming luck first-hand.

To be able to see this rare beach would depend on nature. It is a little hard to reach, but it is recommended since you can see it better during the high tide period in summer.

No. 4

Yuigahama (Kanagawa)

I highly recommend Yuigahama if you want to try a beach within the Tokyo suburbs. There are an exceptionally high number of people who visit the place and it is recommended for people who wants to enjoy summer with their friends.
A lot of beach houses are lined up and you can have your lunch or take a rest after a long tiring day.
Unfortunately, the clearness of the water is not comparable to beaches in Okinawa, but it is very accessible from the city and we might also consider it as no. 1 just with the excitement in this place.

No. 5

Hateno Beach (Okinawa)

The Hateno Beach, which is located in the east of Kumejima island is an uninhabited island with only sandy beaches.
It is surrounded by the deep blue sea and it feels that it expands widely everywhere.
It is only accessible by riding a boat and is a bit inconvenient, but this extraordinary scenery is worth the experience among anything else. It is a definite visit for those who wants a slightly more mature trip or a very moving experience.

So these are the rankings of the 5 beaches by the editorial department which is based on an overall point of view in terms of access, beauty and excitement. What do you think? Try to use this as a reference in planning your summer this year.

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