Best 8 Places to Visit in Japan During Summer? Check Out These Amazing Views!

Best 8 Places to Visit in Japan During Summer? Check Out These Amazing Views!
Do you have any plans for this hot summer vacation?
We would like to introduce carefully selected beautiful gardens and flower fields as well as the seas and beaches all over Japan so that you can enjoy the hot summer as much as possible. From Hokkaido, which has a comfortable climate, to Okinawa, which is a classic resort area, here are the best-recommended spots for those who want to relax while enjoying nature. Check it out to plan your trip!
* Opening hours, closed days, and admission fees are subject to change. Please check the website in advance.

1. Cape Chikyu / Hokkaido

Cape Chikyu 1
It is a very popular spot that was selected as number one of the "100 selections of nature in Hokkaido".
A cliff with a height of about 100 m continues for about 14 km, and a lighthouse is installed on the tip of Cape Chikyu. An entirely white lighthouse is a quite rare thing to see here from so many various angles. There is a double-decker observatory near the lighthouse, which has a stand to take Instagram-worthy commemorative pictures, and a "bell of happiness". On a clear day, you will see a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and feel the roundness of the earth. You can also see the city of Muroran and Muroran Bay on the other side of the peninsula.

2. Unsho Temple / Akita Prefecture

Unsho Temple / Akita Prefecture
Hydrangea raised by Mr. Shun Konaka, the deputy chief priest of Unshoji Temple, has been increasing little by little for many years.
More than 1,500 hydrangeas are in full bloom in late June every year, dyeing the entire place in a blue flower field. From the hill, you can see the Sea of Japan spreading beyond the hydrangea, and enjoy a special illumination at night. There are parking lots, viewing platforms, walking paths, and shooting spots here, so it is easy to relax even on rainy days.

3. Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands) / Tokyo

Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands) / Tokyo
A paradise in the sea that was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2011.
"Ogasawara Islands" consisting of more than 30 islands located 1,000km far south of Tokyo. Oceanic islands created from volcanic activity include the Muko Islands, Chichi Islands, Haha Island, Iwo Island, Okinotori Island, Minami-Tori island, and Nishino Island. Since people live only on Chichi Islands (Chichijima) and Haha Islands (Hahajima), other islands have their own isolated nature. The climate is as warm as the mainland in summer and warmer than the mainland in winter, so May-October is the most recommended for swimming in the sea. In addition, you can observe dolphins and humpback whales depending on the season and enjoy unique animals and plants (endemic species) that inhabit only in Ogasawara islands. We recommend taking a guide for the best immersion in the wild world of these islands.

4. Kawaguchiko Oishi Park / Yamanashi Prefecture

Kawaguchiko Oishi Park / Yamanashi Prefecture
The magnificent view of Mt. Fuji and the flowers along the shore.
During summer, the Kawaguchiko Herb Festival is held in the Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center, famous for its lavender purple carpet. The scene with the lake and Mt. Fuji over the lavender field is popular among many tourists. With free parking, it is a very convenient spot for traveling and touring breaks. Lavender begins to bloom in late June until mid-July. Also, depending on the season, you can enjoy such flowers as tulips, moss phlox, catmint, gaillardia, cosmos, and Kokia. At the local farm products store in the park, you can buy various products and vegetables that you can only get here, and find some tourist information.

5. Uradome Coast / Tottori Prefecture

Uradome Coast / Tottori Prefecture
A coast formed by the rough waves and winds of the Sea of Japan.
Uradome Coast is an open-air museum of topography and geology, which extends 15km west from the eastern end of Tottori prefecture. To enjoy the view, you can walk a pedestrian bridge built along the coast, take a pleasure boat, or visit the Higashihama Observation deck. There are various activities you can try here - sea kayaking (canoeing), snorkeling, or family fishing on the Nishiwaki coast.

6. Ritsurin Garden / Kagawa Prefecture

Ritsurin Garden / Kagawa Prefecture
A garden with a scenic view that was designated as "national treasure".
This large garden has a great landscape view integrated with Mt. Shiun. In the latter half of the 16th century, it was a small garden of Mr. Sato, a local lord, but the foundation of the vast garden was laid by the hydraulic engineering work that was carried out after that. Since then, successive feudal lords have repeatedly repaired it and opened it to the public. If you walk in the park, you can enjoy various views of 6 ponds and 13 artificial hills, another special attraction is the illuminated autumn leaves you can enjoy at night.
There is also a free volunteer guide at the entrance of the park, so you can learn something new about the garden and its history. You can also take a Japanese boat (charged) to enjoy 30 minutes ride around the South Lake, and take great pictures.

7. Kikuchi Gorge / Kumamoto Prefecture

Kikuchi Gorge / Kumamoto Prefecture
A "resting forest" with a vast area of about 1,193 ha.
The forest is covered with thick broad-leaved trees, with fast rivers and waterfalls, creating a truly magnificent view. Since the average water temperature in summer is as low as 13 degrees Celsius, it is called a natural cooler, we would recommend visiting especially during hot Japanese summer. This place has different sceneries depending on the season, and it does not matter what season you will visit it, you will be definitely surprised by its beauty.
Due to the deep valleys and close-knit distribution of natural forests, wild boars and flying squirrels live here, as well as 54 species of birds such as pheasants, warblers, and bamboo partridges.

8. Miyako Island / Okinawa Prefecture

Miyako Island / Okinawa Prefecture
A classic resort located about 300km southwest of Naha City on the main island of Okinawa.
It is relatively warm in winter, and the wind blowing from the sea softens the heat in summer. Speaking of "Miyako Island" (Miyakojima), the clear cobalt blue sea and beautiful beaches such as "Yonaha Beach", "Pina Gama Beach", and "Shigira Beach" attract many tourists every year. There are several recommended sightseeing spots such as "Ikema bridge" that connects Miyako island and Ikema Island, "Shimajiri Mangrove", the largest mangrove colony on Miyako Island, and "Ryugujo Observation Deck" built in an image of Ryugu Castle.
Since the number of tourists is increasing year by year, in addition to large resort hotels, many new tourist facilities are being built here and various events such as "Miyako Island Music Convention" and "MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL" are being held. August is full of unique and abundant cultural events consisting of folk performing arts, traditional textiles, etc.
What do you think?
This time, we have introduced great spots in Japan you can enjoy with your family and friends during the summer vacation.
Enjoy your summer and activities available only during the hot season.

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