5 beautiful spots for plum blossoms

5 beautiful spots for plum blossoms
The plum flower has the image that blooms in the cold season and is associated with good fortune. We introduce some of the most spectacular plum flower blossom spots in Japan.

Please note that the hours of operation may change or be closed depending on the day of the week or season. Please make sure to check the official website before visiting. Also, after people can trip without restriction, please see the spots mentioned in the articles. 。

About Plum Flower


The plum flower is a member of the rose family Cherry Blossom and was introduced to Japan from China between the Nara and Heian periods (710-1185). It is also used for New Year's flower arrangement and other purposes. If left in a warm place, it will bloom gradually. The general blooming period is from February to March. It is a cold-weather flower. (It is the perfect flower for one of its flower words, "patience.)

1. Kairakuen (Ibaraki Prefecture)

 Kairakuen 1

| One of Japan's most famous gardens

Kairakuen is one of the three most famous gardens in Japan: (Kenrokuen/Ishikawa Prefecture and Korakuen/ Okayama Prefecture). It was built by Tokugawa Nariaki (1800-1860), the ninth lord of the Mito domain. The garden's name comes from Nariaki's wish to "enjoy the garden together with the people in his area." Every year, from mid-February to late March, the "Plum Blossom Festival" is held, attracting many people

  •  Kairakuen2
  •  Kairakuen3
[Best time to see] mid-February to early March

2. Osaka Castle Park (Osaka Prefecture)

 Osaka Castle Park

|The majestic castle tower and graceful plum blossoms compete

Osaka Castle Park is centered on Osaka Castle, one of the three Great Castles of Japan. The park boasts a total area of 105.6 ha. In mid-February, the inner moat of Osaka Castle is filled with 1,270 plum blossoms of about 100 varieties. In the park, a single tree blooms with flowers of different colors, etc. The variety of plum blossoms is another highlight of this park.
[Best time to see] mid-February to mid-March

3. Sobetsu Park (Hokkaido)

 Sobetsu Park

|Lakes, famous peaks... a spectacular view of nature

Sobetsu Park, covering an area of 8.6 ha (86,000 m2), is one of the most beautiful spots for viewing plum flowers aroundLake Toya. You can see from Mt. Usu, and Mt. Showa Shinzan toMt. Yotei and the Niseko mountain range
on clear days. On the lakeside slope, a plum tree covers approximately 20,000 m2. It is known as a famous plum blossom spot. About 300 plum trees are at their best in May. It is together with the snow remaining on the mountain and makes for a vivid display of the coming of spring in Hokkaido.
  •  Sobetsu Park
  •  Sobetsu Park
[Best time to see] mid-May to late May

4. Inabe City Agricultural Park (Mie Prefecture)

 Inabe City Agricultural Park

|"I want to visit there before I die! Park selected as one of the World's Greatest Views"

Inabe City Agricultural Park, located in northern Mie Prefecture, covers more than 50 hectares. The park has a park golf course, an eco welfare plaza with a peony garden, and a plum forest park. It boasts 4,000 plum trees of 100 varieties in about 374,000 square meters. It is one of the largest plum orchards in the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Shizuoka, and Mie prefectures). Experience the world of plum blossoms.
  •  Inabe City Agricultural Park
  • Inabe
[Best time to see] early March to mid-March

5. Iwamotoyama Park (Shizuoka Prefecture)

 Iwamotoyama Park

|A spectacular view of the beauty of Japan "Mt. Fuji and plum blossoms"

. Mt. Iwamoto, 193 meters above sea level, in the southwestern part of Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The Iwamotoyama Park, which stretches centered the summit of the mountain, is a place where many photographers come to take pictures of this spectacular view. There are 389 plum trees of 30 varieties in the park. You can be overwhelmed by the colorful blooming plum blossoms and Mr. Fuji in the background. Various events are held in February and March.
  •  Iwamotoyama Park
  •  Iwamotoyama Park
[Best time to see] early February to early March


With the cold weather still to come, plum blossoms express the beauty of pink, red, and white as the first runner to tell the story of spring in Japan. A spectacular view of plum blossoms reminds us of the arrival of spring.

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