One of the largest architectures ever created by a human! Five dams with spectacular views

One of the largest architectures ever created by a human! Five dams with spectacular views
The dam, which stands out in nature, symbolizes man's power to control nature. It is a powerful attempt at civilization. This article introduces some of the most spectacular spots at the dam.

Please note that the hours of operation may change or be closed depending on the day of the week or season. Please make sure to check the official website before visiting.

What is a dam ?

 Shimagawa Dam

It is not known exactly when dams started to build. Modern dams (mainly concrete) were constructed in England in the early 19th century.

According to Japanese law, a dam is a structure with a bank height of 15 meters or more that can store water from a river.

1. Kurobe Dam (Toyama Prefecture)

 Kurobe Dam1

|Giant arch dam with a height of 186 m

The Kurobe Dam is an arch dam located upstream of the Kurobe River in Toyama Prefecture. A total of 10 million people worked and finished its construction. The "Great Project of the Century" took seven years to complete. It is 186 meters high, about the same height as a 50-story building. When you look down from the dam, you feel scary, as if you might be sucked in. The fascinating part is the water discharge, and it is a great attraction. It is held annually from late June to mid-October. More than 10 tons of water per second makes a spray. The sight of the misty water falling is worth a look.

2. Honenike Dam (Kagawa Prefecture)

 Honenike Dam

| A dam like an old castle in medieval Europe

The Honenike Dam in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, was the early dam in Japan, built in 1929. It is currently one of the only two examples of a multiple-arch dam in Japan. The Honenike Dam has five arches between its six walls. It is a precious structure that can not be built under the current law in Japan, and its appearance seems to be an old castle in medieval Europe.

  •  Honenike Dam 2
  •  Honenike Dam 3

3. Hakusui Dam (Oita Prefecture)

 Hakusui Dam 1

| A dam where you can enjoy watching the sight of water flow

The Hakusui Dam is located deep in the mountains of Taketa City, Oita Prefecture. It is approximately 15 meters high and 87 meters wide. Despite its small size, it is called "the most beautiful dam in Japan." Due to the weakness of the surrounding ground, the water is designed to flow in gentle curves. It creates the beauty of water flowing like a curtain. The views from the right and left banks of the dam are different.
[Address] 6225 Shigita Ogi-machi, Taketa-shi, Oita (left bank)
3732 Tsugikura Oaza, Taketa-shi, Oita (right bank)
[Closed] Open all year round
[Access] approximately 11 km from Bungo Taketa Station, about 25 minutes by car
  •  Hakusui Dam 2
  •  Hakusui Dam 3

4. Tokuyama Dam (Gifu Prefecture)

 Tokuyama Dam 1

|Dam with the huge storage capacity for water

The Tokuyama Dam, located in the uppermost reaches of the Ibigawa River in Gifu Prefecture, was built by piling up earth and rocks. It is a rock-fill dam. The dam volume is 13.7 million m3, equivalent to approximately 2.94 million 10-ton trucks. Its total storage capacity is 660 million m3, about twice the size of Lake Hamana.
[Address] 448 Kaiden, Ibigawa-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu
[Business hours] 9:00-17:00
[Closed] Open all year round
[Access] About 80 minutes (approximately 60 km)
from Ogaki IC of Meishin Expressway via Route 303 and Route 417
Approximately 70 minutes (about 50 km)
from Kinomoto IC of Hokuriku Expressway via Route 303 and Route 417

5. Minamiaiki Dam (Nagano Prefecture)

 Minamiaiki Dam 1

| A dam located at an elevation of 1532 m

The Minamiaiki Dam, situated in Minamiaiki Village, Nagano Prefecture, is located at 1532 meters. It is a rock-fill dam made of white limestone, and the beauty of its vast white embankment attracts visitors. It is called the "dam in the sky." The dam is 136 meters high and 444 meters long. The long channel next to the dam is distinctive, like a water slide through the mountains. The area around the dam is rich in nature, and the contrast of the white dam with the greenery in summer and the autumn leaves in fall is spectacular.
[Address] Minamiaiki-mura, Minamisaku-gun, Nagano
[Closed] No fixed holidays
[Access] 80 minutes by car from Saku IC or 90 minutes by car from Sudama IC
  •  Minamiaiki Dam 2
  •  Minamiaiki Dam 3


The world of dams is very deep, such as their stylistic beauty as structures, architectural methods, and the powerfulness of their discharge. The more you know, the more fascinating it becomes. We hope you visit the sites and enjoy their charms.

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